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GPA Houston Monthly Membership Meeting

Sunday, April 25, 2021


1:00 p.m.


Board Members:

Sherrie Kent

Arden Tucker

Julie Caprette

Beverly Points

Sherri Clark

Pat Freytag

Chris Ford

Mark Brooks


Meeting Commenced: 1:00pm


Treasurer Report – Discussed March financials. Medical expenses and Kennel supplies biggest expenses, payroll had 3 pay periods so it shows a higher value and the Dumpster fee has gone up due to fuel charge.

Julie moved to approve the financials and Sherrie seconded the motion. Approved


Meeting Minutes No February minutes and March meeting was canceled


Dog Status

19 dogs in the program, 7 available, 1 foster with intent, 2 unavailable (Kiowa was returned and needs to have a CT scan as she is limping and Toby will be undergoing Heartworm treatment) and 8 permanent fosters.

Currently 17 adoptions and 6 applications mostly from prior adopters at this time. Some applicants are in apartments which may delay home visits. A couple of the applications are questionable due to special issues.


Fundraising Update

Will be doing monthly Facebook mini actions of one item per month.


Covid Rules

We will continue to restrict the public into The Noble Center and continue to monitor the situation. Announcements will be published on Facebook, the website and on the monthly newsletter.


Mark moved to adjourn and Sherrie seconded the motion. Approved.

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