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Adoption Process Information

Are you thinking about adopting a greyhound?

Here is some information to help you.

Other useful information

Hurricane Preparedness and Checklists
Houston Metro Emergency Clinics
Greyhounds and Heat Stroke: What You Should Know

Understanding Separation Anxiety in Greyhounds

Once you have read through the above information, and you are ready to begin the adoption process, you can fill out our adoption application here:
GPAH Adoption Application

If your greyhound gets lost

Print out our Lost Greyhound Flyer
Read this Article: Finding Your Lost Greyhound

If you are interested in helping the organization:

Become a member. Fill out our online Membership Application. You may also print a copy here. Please fill it out carefully and email it to us at or mail it to GPA Houston, P.O. Box 1692, Spring, TX 77383. Joining also helps GPA-Houston care for our new dogs.


Volunteer. GPA-Houston can always use volunteers to do a variety of things like, help out with events, transport dogs to vet appointments and more. Can you spend a little time volunteering for a director or committe appointment? Use our online Volunteer Application to tell us how you would like to help.

You may also print a copy of our volunteer application here. Please fill it out carefully and email it to or mail it to GPA Houston, P.O. Box 1692, Spring, TX 77383. Joining also helps GPA-Houston care for our new dogs.


Foster. Our foster "parents" are indispensable members of our community and provide the dogs with experience living in a real home while they await their forever family. We all get to know the dogs even better when they spend time in our homes and that helps with the adoption selections. Submit our online Foster Family Application and give a grey a place to stay while the adoption process proceeds and he/she learns all about "home."

If you prefer, you may also complete our paper Foster Family Application here. Fill it out carefully and email it to us at or mail it to GPA Houston, P.O. Box 1692, Spring, TX 77383.

Please note that to foster you must be a current member of GPA-Houston. If you need to become a member or renew your membership, you can submit our online Membership Application.

Donate. In preparation for their forever homes, each of our hounds has been spayed/neutered, given a dental cleaning, tested for heartworm and tick-borne diseases and is given all the required vaccinations. Additionally, some of our hounds are given expensive and/or special veterinary care if they are heartworm or tick-borne disease positive or have special health issues. Veterinary costs are the single biggest expense GPA-Houston has to bear. You can help GPA-Houston continue its mission to find loving and responsible homes for greyhounds. GPA-Houston is a not-for-profit organization. Please consider donating to the care of our greyhounds.

Tax Exempt Status: GPA-Houston is a 501(c)(3) public charity in good standing, and our Federal Tax Identification Number is 76-0210038.  Therefore, the full value of your donation to GPA-Houston is deductible for Federal income, gift and estate tax purposes, subject to any IRS Code laws and regulations that may otherwise apply. 

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