Permanent Fosters

Throughout the year, we need medical foster homes for dogs which cannot yet be in the kennel due to medical reasons. Nursing these dogs back to health so that they can join their fellow kennel hounds can be a very rewarding experience for both you and the dog. If you can help now or in the future with either permanent or medical fosters, please contact us so we can continue to help all hounds in need.


Bruce, M, 4.5 YO

Bruce is a very happy and jovial hound. He is one of the smartest greyhounds the kennelmaster has met in all the years he's been with GPAH. Bruce has resource guarding issues and thus did not do well in his prior homes. He now lives with other greys and chihuahuas and is doing wonderfully as his permanent foster home places strict boundaries and limitations on his behavior. Bruce is super food motivated, so his training is going very well. He has perfect house manners and loves ear scratches. With a constant routine and making him earn his food, space, love, affection, and articles of play, he is thriving. If you would like to donate toward Bruce's care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.

Cindy, F, 12 YO

Cindy Lou Who (Barts Wooohooo) was surrendered to GPA as her family could no longer keep her. In her foster home, she is doing fantastic with small dogs and children. Cindy does suffer from an eye malady and has a heart condition which is being monitored closely as her dental health needs to be taken care. Cindy, however, is a so loving and funny and is getting better and better every day. Her foster family just loves her and treats her like the queen she is. If you would like to donate toward Cindy's medical care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


Emma, F, 4 YO

Emma (TMC's Ebonyanice) is a very young dog who suffers from a severe congenital heart condition. Emma is on daily medication to control her condition, and she is currently asymptomatic. But we are monitoring her closely. She is enjoying life in her permanent foster home. All expenses in caring for one of our permanent fosters are covered by our Greyt Wellness Fund. Lots of hugs and kisses come from the permanent foster parent! If you would like to donate toward Emma's medical care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


Gritty, M, 10.5 YO

Gritty (Gritty’s Gamble) was surrendered to GPAH in 2017 due to a family member’s allergies plus an out-of-state move. He is a beautiful white boy with black patches and amazing black ticking. He loves to be with people and does well with other dogs in a home but is not a fan of cats. Gritty is an extremely friendly and loving hound, but he does have a lot of anxiety when left alone. His foster home is perfect for him as she is retired and home with him almost all of the time. As he ages, Gritty is experiencing joint pain and is on daily medication to alleviate the pain. If you would like to donate toward Gritty’s care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


Jolie, F, 9 YO

Jolie has been a permanent foster since 2016. She was a good racer, but her career came to an end due to a fracture. This, however, does not stop her from being silly. She is the official greeter at The Noble Center when long-time volunteers she knows come in. However, she does not like many men. She is an expert at roaching and tongue outs and shows the newer greys how to behave and learn the routine while in the office. Jolie is the kennel master’s favorite hound, as she has a fantastic personality. If you would like to donate toward Jolie's care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.

Tres, M, 12 YO

Tres (Windy Tom) was returned to GPA for no fault of his own. Tres is very wary of new things and some people. Unfortunately, Tres got out of his home and was gone for over 12 days. Fortunately, through the great effort of dedicated volunteers, we were able to catch Tres. He was emaciated and had a terrible wound in his leg and scrapes and bruises all over his body. Tres is now in a very special foster home where he has already gained around 15 pounds and his wounds are healing slowly. He will need a lot of time to recuperate, but he already is wagging his tail and making super friends with another greyhound, a small dog and a cat. If you want to donate toward Tres's medical treatment, you can donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.

Trifecta Mug.jpg

Trifecta, M, 3.5 YO

Trifecta (CBJ Trifecta) is an adventurous and playful fellow. Unfortunately, he may have suffered a head injury during his racing days and exhibits a disconnect between his brain and body. But he loves to please, and he does it well! His foster mom and dad are experts at caring for special needs pups, so Trifecta could not be in a better home. If you would like to donate toward Trifecta's medical care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


Tucker, M, 6 YO

Tucker (TK Tucker) suffers from a severe heart condition. We are controlling it the best we can with medicines and a gentle and patient foster mom. Tucker just wants to be loved though sometimes his anxiety prevents him from enjoying everything. Slowly, slowly Tucker is beginning to enjoy a soft bed and a quiet home and a loving mom. If you would like to donate toward Tucker's medical care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


Zoe, F, 11 YO

Zoe (RC Gumdrop) was returned due to no fault of her own. She may be a senior lady, but she still has lots of spunk! Zoe has recovered well from major dental surgery and will spend the rest of her life in a foster home where she can play with other greyhounds and get loads of love and attention from her humans! We all know that senior pups are the world's best kept secret, and Zoe is proof!