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GPA Houston Monthly Membership Meeting

Sunday, February 28, 2021


1:00 p.m.


Board Members: 

Sherrie Kent

Arden Tucker

Julie Caprette

Beverly Points

Sherri Clark

Pat Freytag

Chris Ford

Marlane Bernardo

Jennifer Winters


Meeting Commenced: 1:04pm


Treasurer Report – No financials.


Meeting Minutes January minutes reviewed and approved. Julie moved to approve the minutes and Sherrie seconded the motion. Approved


Dog Status

30 dogs in the program, 14 available, 3 fosters with intent, 6 unavailable and 7 permanent fosters. Banker’s shock treatment by all accounts was successful. We just have to keep an eye on his leg. Greta was in heat but ready to be spayed. Marley has an injured toe, but looking good. Sabrina had to have emergency surgery but is doing well. 

Currently 20 applications (9 from prior adopters) at this time. Some applicants are in apartments which may delay home visits. A couple of the applications are questionable due to special issues.


Fundraising Update

Membership Party has been moved to October 24, but we are sending awards mid-month.


Covid Rules

We will continue to restrict the public into The Noble Center and continue to monitor the situation. Announcements will be published on Facebook, the website and on the monthly newsletter.

Trying to seek legal advice regarding 501c3 status as we are not going to adopt in the future but remain a supporting organization for our permanent fosters and members.


Chris moved to adjourn and Jennifer seconded the motion. Approved.

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