5.5 year old Male

Hefner (NB's Play Boy) was a grade A racer having 93 races to his name at Palm Beach. He will be six in July but certainly does not act his age. Heffy LOVES, LOVES his stuffies and fetches his ball expertly; he would play for hours if he could. He is very loving when the stuffies are put away and will be a great pet in a home with a yard and humans who will play with him. Because of his love of toys, the best home for Heffy is one with a good leader who will continue to teach him that toys are to be shared and given back when instructed. He has been doing well with this training at the kennel, but it would be best for him not to be around young children. Heffy also needs some leash manners, but he listens well and is eager to learn. Heffy is not small nor medium dog friendly, so he would do great with another grey who does not have such a love for toys. Heffy has been waiting for his forever home a long time, but we have no doubt his forever home is out there. His only wish for his sixth birthday on July 13th is to have his very own family. Can you make his birthday dream come true?