3 year old Female

Greta (Place the Blame) just turned 3 in February. She is an independent girl; but once she gets to trust you, she is loving and very sweet. Greta does not like other dogs in her face or her butt, so the best home for Greta would be as an only dog or with a male grey that is calm with low energy. Greta is not small nor medium dog friendly. Ideal home for Greta is a home where 1) her human is good with a companion that doesn't want to be in his/her lap all the time, 2) with a yard and 3) with a peaceful lifestyle. She likes to be with the kennel volunteers outdoors once she gets to know them or just be by herself to wander and explore. She has 52 races to her name at three different tracks. She likes kisses, hugs, and cookies and is very sweet once she trusts you. A little patience is needed for her to show you her sweet side.