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Flash, M, 3 YO

Flash is a delight.  He is extremely alert, inquisitive, easy going, adaptable and observant with a quiet and gentle nature.  He has lots of energy so would really love to do lots of walks or adventures.  He readily came to everyone he met for attention.  He does need a gentle reminder to not pull on the leash.

His coat is striking black with a white chest, cute toes and tip of tail.  Flash is well-behaved and has a truly unique skill for a greyhound, he can sit.  Flash, with open door access to his crate, he will put himself to bed.  Riding in a car is a piece of cake, he almost immediately lay down and even tried to 1/2 roach.  Flash has lived with other greyhounds and a medium sized mixed breed dog but will need careful introductions. 

Depending on the children he would do well with older children as he loves to play.

Flash will be a loving and loyal companion.

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