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Abby F, 8.5 YO

Abby (WW's Dear Abby) was a broody and now ready for retirement. She is super friendly and outgoing. Abby is also gentle and calm, but likes to greet everybody. She is a greyt companion and listens to all your problems. She gets along with other greys but is not so fond of little dogs. She may be fine with bigger smaller dogs if they are calm and not in your face. Abby may be older but like a fine wine, she is smooth and delicious.

Calypso, F, 3.5 YO

Calypso (Kells Calypso) is very friendly and outgoing when she is with people or other greys. She does not like being by herself for long. Best home for Calypso is with other greys. She loves kids but not little critters. She is working on her leash manners and travels well in the car. Calypso is a big girl with a big heart. Hope she dances to her forever home soon.

Clara, F, 3.5 YO

Clara (Whynot Happy Dog) never went to the track so the kennel environment was all new to her. She has learnt the routine really well and is very sweet. Clara loves to go for walks and explore the yard. She does not like other dogs in her face and will tell them so. Clara can be a little bit shy with people, but once she knows you she is very affectionate. Best home for Clara is one with another grey who is not too dominant. She has a little problem with slick floors at the beginning but soon gets the hang of them. Clara travels well and has decent leash manners. Let's clear the way to a forever home for Clara.

Delta, F, 2 YO

Delta (Killer Delta) is not quite sure about new things and noises. She definitely needs another grey to bring out her really sweet personality. With a little patience and quiet, she will lay her head on your lap and revel in the love. Best home for Delta is one that is fairly quiet and one that will give her a chance to really blossom. Delta's dawning is coming very soon.

Dino, M, 3 YO

Dino (Kells Dinero) is full of vim and vigor. He looooves to play fetch in the yard and is very enthusiastic and friendly. Dino is dynamic and is working hard on his leash manners. Best home for Dino is one with a large yard where he can run and play with his toys and maybe some older children who can have fun with him. He is a stuffy destroyer so he needs supervision when playing. He is high prey so going on walks where they are many small dogs will need a very good human leader. Dino is worth a lot of dinero. He just needs a chance. Sweet, sweet boy.

Dutch, M, 4.5 YO

Dutch (Dutch Chips) is a greyt doggie: confident, fun and sweet. He is strong and does need some leash manners, but he is very trainable. Dutch loves to go for walks and ride in the car. Best home would be a house rather than an apartment as he does not care for little dogs. Dutch will be a wonderful companion.


Gritty, M, 6.5 YO

Gritty (Grittys Gamble) was surrendered to GPA for no fault of his own. His family adored him, but due to medical reasons in his family he came to us. In his foster home, Gritty has been a perfect guest. He loves, pets, hugs and is a big leaner: a total Velcro dog. He has good leash manners and loves to go for walks. Best home for Gritty is one were his humans are around most of the time. The nitty gritty is that Gritty is greyt.

Olive, F, 2 YO

Olive (Kells Cabo Wabo) is quite timid and shy, but she is beginning to adjust and not be wary of all the new noises. She will come into her own in a home that is quiet and has another grey. Olive likes to follow the leader. She has been excellent in her foster home and likes to have a crate that is open as her safe place. Already within a week, Olive was beginning to blossom. Won't you give this little girl a chance to blossom.

Shirley, F, 4 YO

Shirley (UGO Phyllis) is super, super friendly. She has a dynamic personality that just makes you smile and smile. Best home for Shirley is a home with no small animals or children under 10. Shirley loves children but can be a little enthusiastic in her play and does not stop wagging her tail which can whip you a little. There is nobody who has met Shirley that just does not like her.

Stella, F, 4.5 YO

Stella (Killer Canis) is ready for anything and everyone. "Hey! Petting party over there," says Stella and she is all in. She is calm and quiet but not reserved. All she wants is to be with you while you tell her how pretty she is. Stella will tell other dogs not to get in her face, but gets along with everyone that respects her. If you are looking for a greyt buddy, Stella may be your shining star.


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Available Soon
Anne, F, 5 YO

Anne never raced and was not registered. She is a spunky, friendly girl. Just came in, so more to follow.

Becky F, 6.5 YO

Becky never raced and was not registered. She is gentle and a little submissive, but she is just getting used to the kennel routine. Just came in, so more to follow.

Bob, M, 6.5 YO

Bob (Thoroughbred Bob) is a very sweet boy. He was surrendered to GPA as he was not fitting in his home any more though he was very loved. Lovely boy. Just came in, so more to follow.


Chello M, 2.5 YO

Chello (KB's Mr. Randle) is a big, fluffy brindle boy. He loves to be petted and being fuzzed over. Just came in, so more to follow.

Cindy F, 8.5 YO

Cindy Lou Who (Barts Wooohooo) was surrendered to GPA as her family could no longer keep her. In her foster home, she is doing greyt with small dogs and children. Very sweet and good. Just came in, so more to follow.


Cyrus M, 2.5 YO

Cyrus (KB's Wreckin Bob) is a young and fun greyhound. He loves to go for walks and is very social. Just came in, so more to follow.

Diesel, M, 3 YO

Diesel (Cantstop Diesel) can't stop wagging his tail. Such a happy boy. Just came is, so more to follow.

Dreamer, F, 6.5 YO

Dreamer (BI's Dreamer) is a lovable little girl with a joie de vivre that is contagious. Just came in, so more to follow.

Drummer M, 1.5 YO

Drummer (KB's Red Rum) is very sweet but a little wary of his new surroundings. But as he does not stop wagging his tail, we are sure he will really blossom soon. Just came in, so more to follow.

Elsie, F, 8.5 YO

Elsie (Cowgirl Holstein) is a tiny little girl who is joy. She does have a little corneal dystrophy, but this does not affect her in any way. Just came in, so more to follow.

Fletcher, M, 2.5 YO

Fletcher did not race and is not registered. He is goofy boy that likes to have fun. Just came in, so more to follow.


Glory, F, 6.5 YO

Glory (Also Glory) is so delightful and engaging. At some point she suffered an injury which damaged some nerves in her neck so she has a lovely floppy ear. Just came in, so more to follow.


Mosaic F, 2 YO

Mosaic is quiet and a little bit wary of her surroundings. But just in 24 hours, she is coming around and liking everything. Just came in, so more to follow.

Pantera F, 4 YO

Pantera is a tiny little girl, but don't let her size fool you. She has spunk and happiness to spare. Just came in, so more to follow.

Payton, M, 4.5 YO

Payton (Mandatory Pay) also came to us from Mobile. He is curious and gentle. Just arrived, so more to follow.


Pumbaa, M, 2 YO

Pumbaa (KB's Pumbaa) is a big, strapping young boy. He is curious and strong. Just came in, so more to follow.


Rodger, M, 7 YO

Rodger (JD Rodger Dodger) came in to us as a Harvey surrender. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive and unneutered, but that does seem to stop him from being vibrant and funny. He even smiles a lot. If you want to donate towards heartworm treatment, you can donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.

Ted, M, 6 YO

Ted never raced and was not registered. He has an old soul that just melts you on sight. Super sweet and gentle. Just came in, so more to follow.

Tilt, M, 9 YO

Tilt (Dutch Garrett) is a big boy who was surrendered for no fault of his own. His family loved him very much but he not thriving in his home. A gentle giant. Just came in, so more to follow.

Trixie, F, 2.5 YO

Trixie is a very shy little girl. As time passes, she is beginning to trust more and more and likes to be petted and talked to in soft voices. Just came in, so more to follow.

Tucker, M, 2.5 YO

Tucker (TK Tucker) is a lovely boy. He is a bit wary of his new surroundings and new people, but slowly, slowly he is getting more confident. Just came in, so more to follow.

Zahara, F, 4.5 YO

Zahara (Tempo Zahara) has spunk and sweetness all wrapped up together. She loves to go for walks and be petted. Just came in, so more to follow.

Zelda, F, 12.5 YO

Zelda (Cry Leda) came to us from the Pasadena Animal Shelter. She is very thin and has a little trouble walking steadily. Zelda is very sweet and will have to be in isolation for 14 days. If you would like to donate towards Zelda's care, please donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund

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Permanent Fosters

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Casey, M, 12.5 YO

Casey is not registered and did not race. Casey was a prior pet who was returned to GPA as his prior family, who truly loved him, experienced some medical issues which did not allow them to care for Casey any longer. Casey is very sweet and loves to be with other greys and people. He does suffer from medical issues, which are being monitored. Casey shares his foster home with grey friends, Sammy and Princess Pearl and a couple of kitties. He has been a perfect gentleman and is happily enjoying the comforts of home.

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Hell Yeah, M, 10.5 YO

Hell Yeah (C Ya Hell Yeah) is a prior pet and brother to old alums, Goldfinger and Hocus Pocus. Hell Yeah is very sweet a perfect gentleman, wagging his tail continuously. Helly has about a four inch white tip on his tail that makes his wags even more joyful. Helly knows stairs and doggie door and is very respectful of other greys; he also travels very well in a car and walks perfect on lead. Helly has a slight case of Pannus in his right eye which requires one eye drop a day and he is a champ at letting you put it in. He also suffers terribly with corns in all four paws which makes walking difficult and he requires hulling several times a year. He is now in a permanent foster home which cares for his corns and his every whim.

Rebel, M, 12 YO

Rebel (Rebel Racer) was surrendered to GPA for no fault of his own. He is now permanently living in a wonderful foster home with 3 other senior greys and has been a perfect houseguest. He is perfect on lead and in the car. Rebel loves to talk and melts you with his helicopter tail. He is very laid back and very friendly. He still needs to gain a little weight and have a much needed dental. Rebel has cast a spell over all who have met him.


Rosehill, F, 11.5 YO

Rosehill (C Ya Rose Hill) was returned to GPA for no fault of her own. She is now in a fabulous permanent foster home where she tells her male senior greys who is in charge. Even though she is very small, the boys bow to her even when she goes under them. Rosehill is sweet, gentle and very calm and loves to supervise her foster mom while mom gardens. Rosehill just wants to make sure that the garden roses thrive as much as she is.

Sara, F, 12.5 YO

Sara (Shadows Bythebay) was surrendered to GPA for no fault of her own along with her sibling grey, Andy. She is a super nice girl but does not like the juveniles in her face. At that age, we don't blame her. In her foster home, Sara has been doing wonderfully. She enjoys her walks, her two grey siblings and peace and quiet, and love and pets from her wonderful foster parents.

Shammy, M, 12.5 YO

Shammy (C Ya Shaman) was surrendered to GPA for no fault of his own along with his grey sibling, Cubby. Unfortunately, Shammy is heartworm positive and had terrible flea dermatitis which caused most of his fur on his back to fall out. Now, all of his fur has grown back and is getting soft and shinny. Shammy is an older Southern gentleman with impeccable manners. He loves to snuggle in his slumber ball bed and eats every meal with gusto. He now lives with grey siblings and Chihuahua overlords. Shammy will spend the rest of his days being loved and pampered.

Tres, M, 8.5 YO

Tres (Windy Tom) was returned to GPA for no fault of his own. Tres is very wary of new things and some people. Unfortunately, Tres got out of his home and was gone for over 12 days. Fortunately, through the great effort of dedicated volunteers, we were able to catch Tres. He was emaciated and had a terrible wound in his leg and scrapes and bruises all over his body. Tres is now in a very special foster home where he has already gained around 15 pounds and his wounds are healing slowly. He will need a lot of time to recuperate, but he already is wagging his tail and making super friends with another greyhound, a small dog and a cat. If you want to donate towards Tres's medical treatment, you can donate to our Greyt Wellness Fund.


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Updated 8 Jan 2018